With Tiger Woods looking as strong as our real estate market here in southern Nevada, we’re constantly asked about what are the best golf courses in Las Vegas. But we’ve covered the entire valley for you. It was a tedious task to play so much golf. 😉 But we did it! And we’ve put together a list of some of the best courses, in our opinion, as well as our clientele.

Best For Your Money: Angel Park

For the best bang for your money in golf course, we highly recommend Angel Park. It features two full 18 hole courses, plus a family-friendly par three challenge.

Located in Summerlin, Angel Park offers amazing views of Red Rock National Park and the Valley depending on the hole you’re playing.

Truly one of the best courses Las Vegas has to offer. They’ve received countless awards. It’s always a treat to play here.

The course is located at:

100 South Rampart Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada 89145
Find out more about them here.

Best Private Course: Las Vegas Country Club

If you ever get the invite to go, the best private course is the Las Vegas Country Club. The history of the course, and the clubhouse, and its members are something truly connected to Las Vegas.

Established in 1967, Las Vegas Country Club has hosted PGA events. Is an iconic club and continues to be the best course in Las Vegas year after year

The course is located at:

3000 Joe W Brown Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Find out more about the course here.

Most Awe-Inspiring: Cascata

For an experience unlike any other in the valley, Cascata. Located in Boulder City, our recommendation for a worth-the-price golf course, tournament style play, and some of the best greens in the state.

A magnificent 418-foot waterfall welcomes you the course, then branches out through the grounds until finally meeting up with a river that goes through the clubhouse. It has to be seen to be believed.

A short drive to Boulder City is certainly worth it to play this course.

1 Cascata Dr, Boulder City, NV 89005
Find out more about the course here.

Best Public Course: Bear’s Best

Now, whether you live in town or you’re here for a quick golf adventure, and you’re looking for the best public course, we recommend Bear’s Best. The golden bear brings together his favorite 18 holes on one course.

Honorable Mentions: Wolf Creek and Coyote Springs

If you’re looking to stay in southern Nevada, but you’re tired of the same old courses, two of our favorite golf destination getaways are Wolf Creek in Mesquite and Coyote Springs. Wolf Creek, with its daunting elevation changes and tight pin locations, to Coyote Springs being considered by most to be Jack’s finest desert creation.

There are many golf courses in Las Vegas and often times a great day on the links is more about the weather. Pick the right time of year to play and you can’t go wrong. We hope you enjoy your next round of golf and stay tuned for more local Vegas recommendations from the McNamara Group.