Did you know you are 1 of 3000 solar homes in Nevada in the valley that own your solar panels, and that makes your home rare and unique with little competition when going to sell your home. There are no solar contract issues and it is a simple transfer between the home, the panels and the warranty to the buyers.

Buyers are looking for Energy Efficient Homes, especially one like yours that can lower their annual power bill by 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars.

I’ve helped over 1000 people go solar in 30 different states. One thing I learned is that when you own your solar panels your home is worth more, sells faster and will be in higher demand when it hits the market.

It’s simpler and easier than most people think.

Your home has the best solar rates that will ever be available in Nevada, and that is a huge benefit when we market your home to potential buyers.

People will be lining up to purchase your home.

Find out how our marketing and our knowledge will bring you the most money for your Solar Home.

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The Mike McNamara Group at Coldwell Banker Premier Realty works with many solar homes and have a deep understanding of what it takes to sell your solar home for top dollar.

Read this article for all the considerations you need to make before going solar.