Call Nancy

A Framework For Managing And Growing Your Real Estate Team

The term in our office Call Nancy came from the acronym NANCY. Which turned into us saying to each other when we’re stressed out “don’t forget to call Nancy”. This is a way to lightly remind ourselves to stick to our systems and trust in the process that has worked so well for the last 10 years.

The beauty of our system NANCY is that it is flexible and appropriate to any stage that your career is in. The goal of NANCY is to allow you to grow, not get stuck at any one point in your career.

Hopefully, after you read this you’ll be reminding yourself to Call Nancy whenever business starts to get too chaotic.

The idea of NANCY came from us looking at the entire real estate system from start to finish, from lead to home sold/bought. NANCY are the big pieces that are broken down into smaller actionable parts.

This system allows us to put people into place when needed and give clearly defined responsibilities. For every agent, we make sure they know the fundamental ideas of Nancy and what each category represents, even if they are only responsible for one part of the system knowing the foundation gives them a better understanding of what we do and expect from them.

It’s also important to note that as we’ve grown the idea of Nancy has had to evolve with us to support the different types of people on our team. As the team lead and owner, it’s your responsibility to put your agents in a position for them to win. This means developing a system that is flexible to the different personalities that make up a team.

We’ve found that different types of people lead to greater success in real estate. Our goal is always to complement our team’s strengths and weaknesses when adding new team members.

When business starts to get away from us we go back to our fundamentals and remind ourselves and our team to Call Nancy.


  • Numbers
  • Action
  • Names
  • Clients
  • Your Freedom

Numbers: Analyze the numbers behind everything in your business. Does the data support what you want to do or are currently doing? What’s your ROI? A Time/Cost-Benefit analysis. How’s the team producing? What marketing channels are working? Which are not? Which need to be improved?

Action: Formulate a plan and take action. Layout the plan put the plan in place, test the plan, never stop testing the plan. From marketing ideas to agent prospecting, we have a plan and system in place. We constantly stress testing our systems and our actions.

Names: From your action, you grow your SOI. The names that are entered into your SOI are the lifeblood of your business. It’s all about building your SOI. Whether you do that online or off.

Clients: The names in your SOI turn into your clients. We have a system in place that makes sure we treat our clients right from beginning to end. From the moment they contact us about buying or selling we put them on a path to success. This ensures that we go above and beyond for them in every way we possibly can.

Your Freedom: As agents, we’re in control. But if you’re unorganized this career will become a jail. Your phone and emails will never stop. Building out systems gives you the confidence to be in control and make your clients and team successful, comfortable, and at ease.


We always start off with analyzing numbers. Even if it’s something new, we do all the research we can before we start. We build a foundation of loosely held expectations for a new endeavor.

We also analyze numbers continually as the life cycles of our different approaches come full circle.

Analyzing numbers started with our production board when Mike was a single agent. The production board has grown to accommodate all the agents on our team and all the different ways leads can end up on that board.

Our team uses a Google Spreadsheet that starts new every year.

Call Nancy

All the agents have access to view but only the team lead can change the production board. This board allows the team to see where everyone stands. It also allows the team leaders to be transparent with the team about what is going on.

With new marketing channels, we always place a timeframe and budget on the new test. Developing a budget and timeframe will make you come back an analyze if it’s working. So many agents just throw money at something based on a sales call with a marketing agency and they never go back to actually check if it’s working.

Many times there’s room for improvements as well. Without analyzing your numbers you’ll never know about the incremental improvements you can be making.

Facebook ads are all the rage in real estate. However, the vast majority of agents and marketing companies are wasting their time and money with poor performing ads, landing pages, and follow up systems.

We analyze everything we can quantify. From cold calls to door knocking to our social media accounts, paid ads, email follow-ups. When we see something isn’t working we scrap it and move on. Knowing the numbers prevents waste both in time and in money.

If you’re not constantly looking at the numbers you’ll never find the parts that can be improved. Calling Nancy starts and more importantly ends with the numbers. Don’t get attached. Remember…

“Uncompromising on the vision, flexible on the details.” – Jeff Bezos


You had an idea. You did your research. Have some solid number of expectations. Now it’s time to take action.

At the beginning as a new agent with little capital, action is going to mean more time. As your business grows action is a balance between time and money.

If the action you’ve decided to take is calling expireds then you know it’s a numbers game. You need to constantly be improving scripts to be closing more calls.

If this week you called 1000 and got 2 appointments. Analyze the feedback you received on the phone and improve the scripts.

If your plan is to do Facebook marketing come up with a time frame and change one variable at a time. Keep everything the same from week to week, change one thing. Did your performance improve or not?

Once you’re happy with your ‘Action’ or plan. Make it a system, don’t just move on. Create an operation manual. As the systems grow it becomes increasingly hard to keep all the tiny details in your head.

As your team grows you’ll need to pass off these systems.

If you have an agent that excels on the phone, they are a good fit for calling expireds. Or another team member that loves social media they will be a good fit for communicating with people on social media since they are comfortable with it and it comes naturally.

Formulate actions that get constantly tested, then turn them into systems and pass them off.

When you start to implement the Call Nancy idea you’ll be bouncing back and forth between Numbers and Action.

Then slowly over time, you should be trickling in Names (aka leads).


Names are the people that get added to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). There are many software’s available. Depending on the size of your team and the marketing channels your pursue will help you determine what’s right for you.

For single agents or teams that don’t use internet marketing tactics, many of the CRMs are overkill. Often times large brokers will provide a CRM that is all you’ll need, some agents use Outlook folders or a simple spreadsheet. Whatever system you choose to keep it organized.

We remind our team that the money is in the names. The people that end up as apart of your SOI know you, they are what internet marketers call warm leads.

They know you exist. Now it’s about making sure they trust you. So many agents are focused on more leads that they bypass the highest ROI action they can be taking, which is to develop relationships with the names in your CRM.

Names come from all over. To start most of the names will come from your life. From there maybe it’s internet marketing, or maybe it’s from getting involved in local activities. Like charities, social clubs, sports…

We teach our agents that you should not be selling to your SOI you should be providing value.

If you’re doing this right, the value that you provide can double as actions that generate new ‘names’ or leads to your CRM.

By far the most important part of our Call Nancy mantra is the names that end up as part of your SOI.

You can even apply the Numbers and Action parts to the Names. You should be building systems to make sure you’re treating your SOI right. Cultivating relationships and staying relevant.


From your SOI eventually people will want to work with you. Some will come easier than others.

When you get a client this is your time to shine. For some large teams this is all their real estate agents do, work the deal. The team has people in place to do everything else.

For smaller teams or single agents, you’ll need to be responsible for it all. But most important is treating your clients right.

As you do more and more deals the number of clients that you work with will grow. We make sure all of our agents are aware of the process and we support them by creating systems in our CRM to assist them when working with clients in the home buying and selling process.

This is also a time to take it full circle. Did the plan you set our work? Did the numbers you expect happen? How can you improve the cycle of Nancy? Where can you make improvements? What systems can you create to make it easier for you and your team next time?

And finally…

Your Freedom:

Our team developed the Call Nancy process after becoming overwhelmed with all of the different marketing channels, leads, and deals that we were doing. It became too much for one person and even a few people to manage without a high-level foundation in place.

We found ourselves holding too many meetings that were spent just organizing the chaos. A giant waste of time.

We kept creating small systems that would fall apart because they were not anchored to anything. The small systems did fit into a bigger picture.

With Call Nancy, we can fit everything we do into our foundation. Leading to less stress on the team. And more freedom for our agents to spend time in other areas of their lives.

Why be business for yourself if you’re trapped in your success?

Remember Call Nancy is the foundation, but its simplicity allows for growth. It’s up to you to fit your systems into each section and constantly be improving.

Call Nancy

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